Sculptures to Commemorate Fallen Soldiers


Commemorative soldier silhouettes will be placed at locations across the Borough of Bolton to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War.

Bolton Council is investing £3,750 in five memorials as part of the “There But Not There” campaign, a nationwide initiative from the charity Remembered. The project aims to respect those who died in the First World War, symbolising more than 1.1 million British and Empire service men and women who did not make it home. The authority will be installing the six foot tall sculptures in public spaces around the borough in coming months – and is keen to find out from people where they would like them located.

Cllr Anna-Marie Watters, Executive Cabinet Member for Community Issues, said she hoped the statues will remind people of the significance of the anniversary and that the profits from the sake of the Tommies will enabled Remembered to raise money for charities that support veterans.

Cllr Watters said: “As a council we are committed to supporting our forces personnel, past and present, and we are honored to be involved in this project.

The silent silhouettes are particularly touching because they symbolise a fallen soldier – they really are a poignant tribute to all those who lost their lives in World War One. We are keen to get the community involved and find out from people where they would like them placed. We want to see them in locations across our borough.

The Tommies are built by ex-servicemen and women, and will help raise funds for veterans who have given so much for our freedom. The silhouettes are just one way we are supporting veterans and their families and I am looking forward to their installation. Bolton Council is working very closely with the regional Armed Forces office on other projects and initiatives to support military personnel in Bolton.

We have conducted a number of projects together with the North West Army Engagement team and look forward to developing these further.”

A spokesman for the North West Armed Forces HQ Engagement team added:

We are really pleased to have Bolton Council’s support. We are enjoying working with the council and with their help we are building a positive and proactive partnership with wider community partners as well.”

Ideas for locations should be e-mailed to and councillors will make a decision prior to installation. The aim is to have the statues in place for memorial events in November.

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