Film Review: Twenty-One Bridges


Written by Connor M and Kyle C.

We expected a lot of action scenes in this film, and were pleasantly surprised with what it had to offer.

The film is an action flick about two drug dealers on the run from the police. It is quite simple to follow and it’s very realistic with its story.

The main character is Andre Davis, played by Chadwick Boseman, who is a NYPD officer in charge of the operation. It also stars Sienna Miller who plays Frankie Burns, Andre Davis’s partner.

Our favourite scene in the film is when the cops break down the door to the two drug dealers. The camera work was fantastic, plus, how it unfolded was brilliant.

The ending is good, but you can see it coming from a mile away, especially if you look very carefully at the characters.

We would recommend this film to action fanatics because there is a lot of it, and while it’s quite easy to tell what’s coming, you can still have a spectacular time with it.

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