Film Review: Joker (2019)


Written By: Kieron Roberts

I recently watched the 2019 Joker film. I was very pleased to have watched it as it is different to any other DC film. Joaquin Phoenix does a remarkable job at portraying the clown prince of crime in the origin film. His performance was extraordinary and he brought the character to life as well as making you feel sorry for his character.

The Joker is based around the DC character that is best known for fighting Batman. The main character Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is mistreated by society and the film shows the challenges that he has to go through to try and fit in. The film also links to issues in the real world, such as mental health. The Joker is a film that helps to make people aware of the effects that mental health issues have on people and how it impacts their personal lives.

The most memorable scene in the film has to be the change from Arthur Fleck into the Joker; this is the most memorable scene to me because it was strange and entertaining. The way that Joaquin Phoenix shows the change is remarkable and it allows the audience to feel like they are a part of the film. This version of the Joker is different to any of the other Jokers as I’ve probably said it before that we can relate to this version, whereas the versions such as Heath Ledger’s, Jack Nicholson’s and Jared Leto’s were amazing in their own way but they do not show the emotion within the character.

I would highly recommend this film to everyone as it is highly enjoyable to watch.

Star rating: 5/5


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