Truly Inspiring Unique Lady Carole Marsden


Carole Marsden has worked all her adult life in the arena of supporting women and children to flee domestic violence, that’s some 35 plus years.

She has worked on the front line offering direct support for women needing refuge accommodation and then as a manager. But 18 years ago she worked with others developing a new charity to assist women whose pets were also abused and homeless as a result of domestic violence.

Paws for Kids charity was established as a unique pet fostering service that looked after animals until families were safe and resettled away from the abuser. Now known as Endeavour this charity has grown and become the service that provides the only IDVA high risk provision for women and men in Bolton at risk of being killed or injured through domestic abuse. It still provides the pet fostering and it also provides family support through the Safe Haven.

Carole has lead this charity from strength to strength and has brought economy to Bolton by creating jobs and helping survivors of abuse to be safe and thrive. Over the years Carole has put this work first, and in doing so she has saved lives.

Carole won the INSPIRE WOMEN Founder’s Award in 2017

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